Need some help naming my category

I’ve changed up my category names to reflect the way my mind works and to make my budget more fun.  However I’m having a hard time coming up with a fun name for my fixed expenses, which are the exact same every month.  I have “The Monthly Lumpies” (stolen from somebody on here).  This is for expenses that happen every month but vary, such as the electric bill or gasoline.  I have another category called “The Whenevers”. This covers things that may occur every month or so, such as birthday gifts or haircuts.  I also have the “Freedom Account”, which is my long term savings, such as vacations, Christmas, heat pump, etc.  

Any suggestions? 

Thanks, Amanda

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  • Every. Single. Month.

    • Although - that really implies more drudgery than fun. 😅I'll keep thinking.

    • It’s not bad though.  It’s certainly better than fixed expenses. 

  • The Usual Suspects

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      Having FUN with a budget?! Is that even possible?! 😎 I kid, I kid.

      Coral Network If we're going to do movie titles, how about:

      Unbroken (AKA fixed 😉)



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    • Coral Network I’m loving The Usual Suspects.  Good suggestion.

  • I call mine "Fixxies" (and the categories that are variable are the "Flexxies").

    Playing on the movie title ideas, what about "Bring it On"? ...or would that be for a debt category group?

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    • Dela   Bring it on would be a great name for debt but we only have the mortgage left.  YNAB has been wonderful for us.

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