Quicken tasks in ynab

I use quicken to balance my accounts and because it tells me 5 days in advance when a payment is due.  I know I can run a balance in ynab but is there anyway to get a notification when a bill is due to be paid?

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  • A lot of people stick it in the category name. E.g., "Rent - 1st," "Phone - 10th," etc.

    If it's something where the date varies and/or it's not monthly, you can set up a scheduled transaction for a few days in advance, and then you'll be reminded when YNAB prompts you to approve the transaction.

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  • Somewhat expanding on what Fuzzball Meows said:

    When I want to be reminded of something (like to check the exact amount of an automatic payment about to come out or what have you) I set up a transaction with $0 assigned.

    For instance, I am doing the debt snowball method and have an account I pay the minimum on right now, but that isn't always the same amount, so I have a "payment" transaction for $0 with a note in the memo line to remind me to check what that exact amount will be, and I can send the rest of my debt snowball money towards my target debt. 

    I've also heard of people doing this same thing and basically using YNAB as a calendar. For instance, setting a yearly recurring transaction for a wellness exam. I don't do that personally, but I thought it was really creative!

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