How to make income show for present month

This question involves the YNAB toolkit, but given that it gets its data from the program, I figured this forum was still a good place for finding an answer.

I'm retired, and my checks come in at different times during the month. When they come into my savings account I list them in the "income" category. Then on the first of the next month, I transfer them into my present month's budget.

Problem is, they're not showing up in the present month's income vs expense category. I understand that when the income is entered in my accounts, it is in the income category. But it doesnt' seem to stay there when the budget rolls forward a month. I move itr from my "income" category to "ready to assign" category on the first, but it doesn't show as that.

What am I doing wrong?


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  • You have to categorize the money as ready to assign for it to show up as income. 

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  • To add to satcooks reply, I originally struggled with this as well the solution is to go back to the month where you want the money to show up as Income in the report (typically previous month) and move the money to RTA there. Then jump forward to current month and start allocating. 
    it doesn’t matter to your budget, it’s just a tweak to make your Income v Expense report not skew N months forward. 

  • Thanks to both of you! Worked great!

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  • An efficient way of doing it is to select all accounts, then search on your income category then select all transactions and bulk edit the category to RTA. Although if you only have one income transaction it may actually be less efficient.

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