Straightforward way to combine Budget Trends/Reports

Hi everyone,

I (perhaps) unwisely made fresh starts/new budgets over my time using YNAB. I was hoping to compare my spending pre and post COVID but can only see the charts for each individual budget, some of which are only a couple of months.

I have mainly used the same category groups and categories across the different budgets so comparing wouldn't be too difficult. I've tried exporting each budget to a csv, but the files are quite unwieldy and I wouldn't know where to start with aggregating the spending data into charts.

Has anyone got a straightforward template/Google Sheet for turning YNAB transaction data into charts? Alternatively, is there a way to stitch several YNAB Reports into one - even if the comparisons aren't exact it would be good to see how categories have evolved since I started using the system.


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  • Hi Forest Green Hammerhead !

    Did you export the actual budgets? If so, I'd try exporting the reports instead. This should give you a better format to compare that data.

    If you don't want to export the data, you can open YNAB in two separate internet tabs or windows and compare the budgets side-by-side that way.

    Let me know if you have any questions about that! :)

    • Hi Faness - thanks! I had assumed that option was just to export the PDFs of the graphs, d'oh! This is exactly what I was after.

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    • Forest Green Hammerhead Sorry that wasn't clear! I'm glad you were able to get exactly what you needed! 😄

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