Negative amount in "To Be Budgeted" after a CC charge

Hope someone can help. I LOVE YNAB. Never had this issue.  My wife and I reconciled our budget & accounts today, then budgeted our midmonth pay.


After we had finished, we made a CC purchase.  After the purchase, the CC amount caused our To Be Budgeted to go in the Red/negative.  I have never had this issue.  Even when I go "overbudget" in a category using my CC, it never affects To Be Budgeted but shows they "typical" cc icon in negative  and then the charge shows up in green in my CC category.


Here are the steps we've taken so far:

  1. Tried changing the transaction to another category
  2. Deleted the Transaction and input it again
  3. Opened up YNAB in MS Edge and tried the first 2 over again but with the same results
  4. Opened a "ticket" in YNAB support


Do you all have any YNAB wisdom for us?  Thanks in advance.

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  • Which month's TBB are you looking at? What does the Overspending header read (next to the negative TBB)? What is the transaction date?

  • I'm looking at November's TBB / Overspent in Oct. was $308 / Transaction date is 11/11/2020


    ps- The CC charge in question is in November's Work Reimbursements. I routinely "overspend" in this category because I don't routinely spend a set amount but I do get reimbursed from month-to-month.

  • You need to look at the November header both before and after you enter the transaction (equivalently, with the transaction amount set to $0 and then the correct value). One of those header numbers will change, which will help diagnose what's going on.

    Is the transaction a normal -- not a split -- transaction outflow categorized to Work Reimb?

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      dakinemaui   Thanks for the input.  I gave YNAB support remote access so they had a little more info than I originally  posted... they replied to me with this: “It looks like your budget is behaving a bit unexpectedly because your Credit Card had a positive balance on the 11th and then had an outflow entered on the same day. Transactions in YNAB are processed from largest outflow to largest inflow, even though that's not the order you entered them in in real life. To get things back on track, let's move some cash around! Since you don't currently owe any money on the card, you can remove $100 from your Card Credit Card Payment category. It will then have enough to pay off what you owe on the card ($0). 

      In order to fully trust your budget, you'll also need to resolve the other red field in your budget by putting at least $2 in your Reimbursements | Work account (those $2 were paid when the account was positive and YNAB handles that positive balance as cash). 
      After you've taken those steps, you can budget the rest of your dollars until To be Budgeted is at $0. “

      its a pretty specific response to my specific problem and it worked.  Problem Resolved.


      thanks for your help.  I hope it helps others as well.  I had a great YNAB support experience all the way around. 

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