Just Imported from Ynab 4. Credit card payment amount not matching

Hi there People,


After many years using Ynab 4 I´ve decided to give the new Ynab a try.


I´ve just imported my Budget to the new Ynab and everything went spot on, except my credit card (CC). I´ll give you a bit of background.


I basically use my CC as a debit card (DB), by that I mean that at the end of the month I pay the full balance. In my old Ynab, I just do a transfer when the credit card company sends me the bill and that's it. On the new one it should be the same, but apparently is not, as my outstanding open balance at the moment is 136,45$ but under available it says is 4,86$. I´ve checked everywhere on my budget and I don't seem to find the mistake. The only things I thought were; maybe there was an Import error or due to the fact that I get billed around the middle of the month and maybe YNAB takes only into account the transactions from this month it messes with the calculation of what's due and what been paid in the month before.


Thanks in Advance

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  • yes. The short answer is, because the red arrow, which was used to deal with the credit card, doesn't exist in nYNAB, your credit card (and some other categories, depending on what you did over time) are almost guaranteed not to be correct when you transfer your data. 

    In the current month, set all your category balances to whatever they were in YNAB 4. Don't worry about red and yellow in previous months' budgets; your transactions are all that are used to create your reports and they are fine. Then, make sure your credit card category is equal to and opposite the current working balance of the card, e.g. if the working balance on the card is -$1234.56, the card category needs to have a balance of $1234.56. Note that if you followed instructions for a paid in full card in YNAB 4, your card's category is probably hidden. 

    Once your categories are all green and your card category is properly funded, you're ready to go forth with the new YNAB.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    How do I make sure my CC category is equal and opposite to the current CC Balance? Do I have to budget and amount or is there another way?

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      Khaki Lion Yes, you just budget to the CC payment category until it matches the current CC balance. Remember Rule One and make sure your To be Budgeted balance is 0 when all is said and done. Future purchases will automatically move funds from the category of purchase to the CC payment balance.

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