Apple Silicon

I see the app is not available in the AppStore.

Do you have plans to turn this back on ?

Would be keen to try it out.

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  • Hey berksgr ! Thanks for asking about Apple Silicon. Sorry for the delay! We reached out to our development team for additional details.

    The short version is, the YNAB mobile app is available for iOS—but not macOS in the Mac App Store. There is an impact on key pieces of a YNABer’s experience that we want to fully investigate and test before moving forward. It's a possibility for the future, though!

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  • Hi berksgr !

    I just looked and the YNAB app is still available in the AppStore. The YNAB Classic app is no longer available, as we stopped support for that version a couple of years ago. If you search 'YNAB' in the AppStore, you should see it!

    Let me know if that isn't the case!

  • Sorry I cant see it. On my Mac I goto into App Store ( UK ) search for YNAB then choose 'iPad and iPhone Apps' and it's not there

    • berksgr I don't believe you can see the YNAB app when searching in the Mac App store, no matter how you apply filters.  Here's the link to the app in the Great Britain app store!

      Apple Silicon, while extremely cool, has no effect on YNAB, because YNAB runs on mobile phones and tablets (which use their own processors, not the M1 processor) and in web browsers, which will be updated for Apple Silicon if they haven't been already.

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  • M1 allows iOS app to run natively on the Mac and should appear unless the developer has turned that off in the MacAppStore - sorry still cant find it, can't really use the link in the MAS


    You can search for iOS in the MAS, there is now a filter for Mac or iPhone / iPad Apps.


  • I'm confused. Where does silicon come into this?

    • Superbone Apple Silicon is Apple’s new processor hardware (moving away from Intel chips). The new hardware coupled with the new OS (Big Sur) is capable of running iOS (phone) and iPadOS apps natively, but with some caveats.

      This article sort of explains how it’s supposed to work.

      [though why someone would want to use it when the browser version is more fully-featured...]

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      Tomato Tamale Thank you! I had no idea.

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