Opening ynab3 and ynab4 files

I have more than one old ynab3 and ynab4 files I need to open for audit purposes. How can I do that?

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  • Hi Shmuel !

    Do you still have the YNAB 3 and YNAB 4 programs downloaded on your computer? If so, you can open those programs to then open those files. 

    If you don't have access to those programs, you can download them here and look up your order to find your license key.

    Give that a try and let us know if you have any questions! :)

    • Hello Faness ...    I have some very old files from YNAB3 days and wanted to see the info I had there and never moved over to YNAB4 or nYNAB...   I also have the YNAB3 installer you mention... 

      BUT, there is always a but!!!, W10 warned me to be careful with the installation and didn't recommend it...  I told it to install anyway, and it came back saying that it would not install because the program couldn't run...

      I recall that to be able to run YNAB3 we needed to have some Adobe program installed which was part of the YNAB3 ability to run on Windows or Apple...  Do you, or any YNAB3 oldtimer,  remember the name of that software prereq???    Or could it be that there is no chance that YNAB3 will run on W10???

      I'd appreciate any help so's I try to recover the info on those files or just delete them and feel sorry I lost that info!!!  :o(

      Thanks for any help!!!

    • Rick Thomas Hi, there! I'm jumping in for Faness. :) Some folks have said that reinstalling Abode AIR (Integrated Runtime) has worked to resolve this, while others have reported YNAB 3 and 4 issues on Windows 10 regardless of that. Hope that helps!

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