No room for YBAB marketing messages on my account screen!

Room on my account screen is at a premium.  I don't need it taken up by the new "Love YNAB?  Pay it Forward" banner on the bottom of the screen.  (And only feel feel the need to "pay it forward" when someone does something nice for me.  This isn't nice.)

How do I remove this?

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  • Toolkit for YNAB.

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  • Thanks, Hot Pink Violin!  This does hide the banner, but the banner space is still unavailable for display of my accounts.  I'd love to hear from YNAB on this.

    • Sea Green Sun (ccf0a561a083) I'd submit this as a feature request. We're currently doing a ton of design work on the web app, so it's a good time to submit it. Here's the form to submit a Feature Request.

  • Hmm. I don't have one or any empty space at the bottom.

    ETA: I guess there's one space below "Some transactions are hidden by filters...". That must be it?

    ETA2: I see, the taller I make my window, the more space below that message. I keep my height at a point where that "some transactions" message is at the bottom of my window.

  • Finally found it, on the computer not the app. I guess its wasted space, as the line is for the arrow that means you can close the side bar to have more screen space.

    I wish the display things were all in the same place, as I have to search round for them in odd places. If that close the sidebar icon was put into the same place as all the other display things, that would be a. good thing and solve your issue too

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