Viewing Income by Source in Income v Expense Report

I run a small side gig where I collect incoming money other than my day job.  I list the payees differently for these income transactions, and instead of moving the money directly into TBB, I instead move it into an "operations" category that is strictly for the side-business expenses.


When I then view the Income v Expense report to see a breakdown of said incomes vs. expense I don't see those other Payees listed, only my "dayjob" payee which goes directly to TBB.  Basically I don't want my dayjob TBB (for groceries, rent, etc etc) to be impacted by side-gig income (specifally earmarked for side-gig expenses).  Any way around this?  

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    Unfortunately, those inflows have to be first sent to TBB in order for them to show up in the income section. Anything directly categorized just offsets any expenditures in that same category.

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