Paying off credit card debt with an already budgeted category

Hi everyone,


I am new to the YNAB family but I am already really excited about it.

I started my YNAB story few weeks ago and I already had debt on my credit card (about 120€). I mainly use my credit card to pay monthly subscriptions, but I did pay a first payment for a hotel.

I paid the credit card company today in full so I did a record payment. So now I have the credit category in red like I didn't budgeted for it. But I did. It's just that my money is budgeted in other categories (three to be precise).

How do I tell YNAB that the payment I did today is already budgeted? Or how can I move a certain amount from a category to my credit card without changing the total budgeted amount for the month? (A piece of the 120€ is a first payment for a hotel, so I just want to move a certain amount from my Spending goal category to the credit card to pay off the debt).


I hope I'm clear enough.

Thanks for the replies

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  • The debt you already had on your credit card (120) would not have been budgeted in other categories if you included that in your payment. You need to budget 120 on the credit card itself to reflect it. The 120 is for transactions that are not in YNAB so you cover it by budgeting to the credit card itself.

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      Navy Blue Pegasus 

      This is what I thought too. Didn't do it the "good way" at the beginning I guess, but I just got the way the credit card is working on YNAB thanks to this issue (and the tons of video's I watched)

      Thanks you for your time and answer.

  • Welcome, welcome! :)

    When you add a new credit card to YNAB that has a balance, you'll need to assign money directly to the Credit Card Payment category to cover the payment on the starting balance. Simply move money to that category to cover the red, negative amount.

    Then, YNAB will start sending money to the Credit Card Payment category as you budget for spending on the card. :)

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       Hey Dela ,



      This is what I thought...but I hoped to find a workaround. I am going to resolve it by erasing my original balance en pay with credit card via my categories, don't like the red in the list :-).


      Thank you for your answer.

  • if you want it to be that clean you need to cheat.

    delete the starting balance on the credit card. Add a transaction in the credit card account for the 120, payee is the hotel, category is the holiday or whatever you want. 

    Now, assuming you have budgeted for the holiday category everything will be resolved how you want it.

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  • Welcome :)

    As SgtBatten said, you could delete the starting balance and re-enter it with the desired categories. In fact, in general, I would recommend this when adding any sort of account with a negative balance. This is because starting balances by default are categorised from To Be Budgeted, and there should generally never be outflows from To Be Budgeted.

    Hope this helps

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