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Hello I have a 0% interest credit card I am planning to pay at X dollars each month until its paid off before the interest start to accrue. This account was not able to link to my typical YNAB account like the rest so I manually inputted this as a credit card and it is showing up under my Credit Cards with in my budget- great!


Now I'm stumped in regards to scheduling this monthly payment. I want to remember to transfer the funds to this account but when I go to select the category after creating that future repeating transaction the credit card accounts tab does not appear to be available. Any suggestions? I don't want to assign this to another account besides the one I am seeing in my original budget. Ideally if I can set this up to "pay" the amount on my card plus deduct that same amount from my card balance that would be great! 


Thanks for the input. -Elizabeth

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  • On the transaction (account register) side, You don't want to select it in the category box. You'll select To/From: ThisParticularCC in the payee field, and there will be no category. 

    You'll just budget the amount to that CC's payment category on the budget side. You can even give it a goal. 

  • Hi, Elizabeth! Here's some info that will be helpful for you as you pay down this credit card:

    • When you set up a credit card in YNAB, a category for that card will automatically be created in your budget as a spot for you to budget for your payments.
    • In that Credit Card Payment category, you can set a Pay Off Balance By Date goal to prompt you to pay your card off incrementally over time. You'll want to budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category monthly.
    • When you make that monthly payment, make the payee a transfer from your checking account and you'll see the activity show up in your Credit Card Payment category! :)
    • Oh, and be sure to celebrate when you finish! 🎉
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