Credit card mess

Everything was going fine for a month. Credit card payment messed up the whole thing and now I don't know how to trust this budget. 

I was carrying some balance on my credit card and trying  to pay my statement balance from this month onwards. Now, my activity shows -$1618.13 and available shows as -$1616.08. I don't know how to get out of this mess.

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  • Did you ever budget money tothe credit card payment category to reserve money needed to make the payment on the balance on the card when you started using YNAB?

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  • Just like any other category, the credit card payment category shows how much money you have available to make a credit card payment. Just like any other category, if you spend more on your credit card payment than you have in the category, the category will become overspent. Just like any other category, if you mean to spend from that category (say to cover an initial balance) or if it becomes overspent, you need to add money to the category by budgeting to it. 

    The only difference between the credit card payment category and any other category is that money also becomes available in the card category automatically when you do budgeted spending using that card. 

    You need to move $1616.08 to the card payment category to cover the payment you just made; it is money that is no longer available to fund the rest of the budget. 

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