Transactions From HSA Not Appearing

I have an HSA with Fidelity that I added over a month ago to YNAB.  I have several transactions over the last month, but none of them show up in the account.  It is linked and downloaded the starting balance when I connected it, but no transactions appear in the YNAB account other than that starting balance.    Does YNAB have problems with Fidelity accounts?

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    YNAB typically does not import transactions from investment accounts.

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  • Budget Conquistador said:
    Does YNAB have problems with Fidelity accounts?

    Like nolesrule said, it’s not specific to Fidelity but to all investment accounts. The common approach in YNAB is to keep your investment accounts unlinked and then to update the balance manually once a month or at the frequency of your choosing.

  • Yes, everyone here is right on - even when an initial connection is able to be established, it's not expected for investment accounts to import correctly, so we recommend setting up HSAs as unlinked tracking accounts.

    Then, you can enter transactions using our alternate transaction entry methods and/or use the reconcile feature to update the account's balance at your preferred cadence, like this. 

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