Fixing my balance without wrecking the budget...

Hi my wife and I have been using YNAB since last Sept. and it's been great. We are pretty good about making a budget (though we need to work on sticking to it) and putting in all our expenses, however I've run into a few issues that have gotten our actual balance out of whack with the balance on YNAB. 

There have been some months where we've gone over the budget due (mostly) to extra grocery charges at the end of the month. So yes, we've broken the rule of only spending what is there. What I've done at the end of the month to balance it is to take any categories which are still red and put it back in the "to be budgeted" category. That leaves the difference in what we budgeted for and what we spent in the red. Since there is not enough funds in there to cover it (as we've already moved on to the next month) I assumed that it would just take it out from the "to be budgeted" from the next month. Is that correct?


In addition, our current account balance as it reads in YNAB  is several thousand dollars more than the actual balance and I'm not sure how to fix it. Part of this is because of the way I've been putting in charges. We live in Israel, and the credit cards are really like debut cards, except that all the charges for the month all come out on one particular date of the month (for us on the 10th) as opposed to the date of purchase.  But since I put every charge as coming out when I purchase it, I thought that would be OK.  Not sure if this is part of the problem or any case I tried to "reconcile" the budget to the actual number, and then it took out the difference (about $2,000) and told me that was in the minus for this month for that $2,000 and wrecked this month's budget based on the money coming in this month and what is there from last month. So I've obviously made some serious mistakes and I don't know how to fix it. Maybe I'm not doing something wrong if I go over my spending...In any case I removed the reconcile line item, but now the balance is still off...

Any help as to how to set myself straight would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

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