Need update to auto-assign on mobile.

There needs to be a change and update to the auto-assign on mobile. Maybe on the web too, not sure haven’t checked it. 

When I tap auto-assign, it doesn’t give me any options other than to just auto assign. I think having the auto-assign is great, but right now it’s the default. 

Here’s the problems:

It just auto-assigns. There’s no toggle to not. So…then my options are to hunt down the category in auto-assign preview, and delete it. Or cancel all-together. 

If I want to assign money to any category, I have to manually type it in to every single one. Previously, I could select a single category, multiple categories, whole groups, or the whole budget, and tell it to fill the goals/targets. Part of the point of having goals/targets, is that I don’t have to do that! I don’t have to manually type in the amount for every category every single month. Having the targets is meant to speed this stuff up!

I’d like the option to use auto-assign, but with toggles. Have the ability to toggle/de-select the whole budget. Have the ability to select groups and categories, and select the entire budget and then de-select a single category. 

This automatic auto-assign with no other options….it makes assigning all my dollars on the mobile really frustrating and really slow. 

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  • Hey there - thanks so much for this feedback! I know the addition of Auto-Assign has been a big shift in workflow for a lot of YNABers. Our product team would love to log your feedback and request for the option to multi-select categories, too! If you haven't already, would you be up for letting them know what you'd like to see? 

    I also wanted to make sure you knew that you can still adjust which categories will be funded when you use Auto-Assign on your YNAB mobile app! When you tap Auto-Assign, a preview will pop up that shows where YNAB will assign those dollars. You can make changes to these assignments by tapping the blue amount in the category. I hope that helps a bit in the meantime, but feel free to thread any other questions or feedback you have! 

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