My wife got a good job at my work for $19/hr and that means we can finally focus on our debt AND building a baby fund for the future.

I am thrilled at the fact that more money is coming into our life and that we have a plan of sorts to actually get this down. YNAB has helped tremendously with my finances. I even took the time to make a YNAB note inside my wallet for when I put my debit card away I HAVE TO SEE IT to go and input the transaction. While I can't get my wife on board, I can ask her, "Hey babe, how much did you spend at XYZ?" and she answers honestly. It's a beautiful thing! Our income jumped from about $45k-78k annually. That's more than enough and we'll be able to give back to our community and those in need. We might even be able to get our retirements flowing since we're young. To say that I'm happy and excited about budgeting is an understatement but the beautiful thing is that we're on the verge of success! I think we can knock out our $44k in debt by next year if we focus! We can do this! 

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  • That is fantastic news! One of the things I did with a raise is that I tried to use it all towards the debt repayment. Now, that is when it was a small incremental increase so it may not be a good idea to use all of the new income this way for you. But, it is helpful to determine how much you need to keep to make things more manageable day to day. Any that is left over that can be used to debt, may I recommend an auto-payment to the debt on payday? When we made the payments automatic (but we can control but pausing or changing the amount), it was much more likely to succeed because it was gone before we really saw it.

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