Spending targets that repeat annually

I read a bunch of the threads about spending targets and my brain hurts. Maybe it's just because it's New Year's day, so please bare with me.


I started with YNAB in November at which time I set up categories for Christmas gifts for specific people. For Alice, I set a "Needed for Spending" goal of $50 by December 25th 2021, repeating every 1 year. I didn't end up getting Alice a gift this year (I'm terrible, I know), so the $50 rolled over today. When I click on the line item for Alice's Christmas gift it says "You've reached your target!". Since Christmas is 12 months away, I'd like to use most of that money for something else and assign a small amount every month ($50/12 = $4.17 / mo).


When I remove the $50 it says "Assign $50.00 to stay on track. $50.00 for the removed money and $0.00 to make progress." What the heck? I though I only needed $4.17 to make progress.


Can someone please help me understand what's going on here?


EDIT: I should add that this worked perfectly for people who I spent the allocated budget for; they're all saying "$4.17 needed for this month".

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  • Ah I finally found a the fix and an explanation.


    Fix: clear the money from December, not January.


    Explanation: Some people will move money out if a fully funded category in order to roll with the punches. This acts as a warning that there was money there and may need to be re-funded before the end of the month.

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    • Bry Glad to hear you found your answer and got it sorted 😊 Happy New Year! 

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