Available Balance is Zero but YNAB is Letting me Assign Money to My Budget

My available balance says zero b/c all my money is assigned.  Went to add in a new category and assign $200 to it and it didn't put my account into the negative.  In December it is allowing me to assign money I don't have but if I go to January it's working like it should and when I try to assign money it give me a negative balance message.  What am I missing?  Why is it letting me assign money I don't have in December?

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  • Yes, when you have money budgeted in future months and then you budget more money than you have in a more recent month, YNAB will pull it from the future-most month. This is a thing we like to call Stealing From the Future. YNAB has not found it urgent enough to address in a meaningful way.

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    • nolesrule I'm curious where is it stealing it from in the future?  Just a random category?

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Violet Piccolo Ready to Assign in the futuremost month you have assigned money in your budget.

  • Ok good to know.  Thank you!  I just found a way around it and took from other categories in the current month that weren't going to be used but I wanted to figure out exactly what was happening so I didn't mess anything up.

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  • The consequence of Stealing from the Future is that a lot of seasoned YNABers don't ever budget money in future months. We park the money in a category (often called Income for next month) and only actually budget it on the 1st (or close enough we won't be stung by stealing from the future).

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