Get paid last day of the month and pay bills for the next month

Still considered a YNAB newbee.  Here's my question: I got paid today (last day of the month) and paid my bills (which are actually for the 1st pay of next month).   When I entered the bills, it put them on this month's budget (since I paid them today, the last day of the month).  I changed the date on the transaction to March 1 but they didn't show up on the budgeting screen for March.  They show up in the account section (they are grayed out since March 1 isn't here yet).  Will they show up after March 1 under the Budget section "activity"?   If so, that's great, but is there a better way so when I pay bills on the last day of the month (for the 1st pay of the next month), they will show up under that month?

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  • YNAB will not reflect future dated transactions. When the actual date rolls around they will move out of the scheduler and into your register, thus impacting the budget page.

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  • Perfect, that's what I was hoping would happen.  Thanks for the quick response!

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  • If this is a regular thing to pay at the end of the month, then just budget that way and date transactions accurately. The category needs money by the date of the outflow. The due date is immaterial.

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  • I had trouble with this too.  My husband gets paid on the last day of the month and the first day, don't ask, lol. and me weekly.  The bulk of our bills are paid on the money we get at the end of the month for the upcoming months bills.  Some are paid that last day of the month and some in the first few days of the next month.    Instead of trying to play around with dates, I just kept inputting things on the correct dates for a couple of months.  Eventually it started to make sense to me.  I realized that I could budget for the month ahead by scrolling into the next month.  It doesn't affect the current month but money left in budget categories from the preceding month do end up in next months budget.  After a few cycles it all started to make sense.  Maybe I don't make sense, but the gist of my comment is be consistent and thing will fall into place.

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  • Btw, I found this idea helpful.  In the description of the budget category for a recurring bill, I put the due date of the recurring bill in the description.  I have an image here.  I had the due dates in my head, but seeing them right on the page helped.  Especially discerning whether I was paying/budgeting for the current or upcoming month.

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    • greenthum I do this as well, it was super helpful when someone suggested this to me.
      I took it one step further and also organized them in order they are due, and combined that with either half of what the total bill is (since I get paid 2x month), or sometimes the entire bill and half the bill.
      I also organized my other expenses like groceries based on the average spending (you need to have tracked in YNAB for a minimum of 4 months in order to do this, but the longer the better).

      So my bills look like this:
      Mortgage 1st/$1654.94/$827.47

      And my groceries look like this:
      Groceries $185

      It really had a big impact on being able to budget appropriately in the long run when I could start setting aside half the bill instead of needing to come up with the entire bill when I was paid.

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      farfromtheusual  wow, I never thought of organizing them by date due!  Going to head over and do this right  now.  Do you use the recurring bills feature?  This also took some time to get used to, but once I did, the amounts that are due for each bill show up by themselves in my budget based on upcoming but yet to be entered recurring bills.  You can see in  my first image that the recurring bills are low lighted at the top of the screen and are in the future above the current checking balance.  Notice the Rogue and Granite State.  They are in the future as a recurring bill.  The second image shows them in the budget.  I have set aside the money already for the Granite State but I have yet to for the Rogue  so it shows an orange oval and calendar icon and when I click on it, I get details to the right about budgeting for this bill.   Sorry if this tmi, I feel empowered that I actually figured this out, lol

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    • greenthum I know! Isn’t Ynab just fantastic?! 😁

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    • greenthum yay! SO glad it helped you!

      I don't use the reoccuring bills a whole lot, mostly because I feel like they distract me. Just a personal preference :)

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