Is anyone not staying in budget right now to try to help small businesses???

My sister-in-law owns a small hair salon that is now closed. I just bought a bunch of product from her just to try to help before she had to close the doors. We are also ordering takeout from local restaurants three times a week right now to try to help keep them open as we have a guaranteed income. My husband has his military retirement check and he works for the Department of defense. Just curious if all those are in our position and are trying to help out and not really focusing on their budget right now.

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  • We're doing what we can to help small businesses, although I try not to go overboard. Especially since we already have plenty of food at home. I'm suggesting we buy something small and tip more; call it "gifts" rather than dining out.

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  • Although we are currently working on our “normal” budget, we are not expanding any categories specifically to help small business. Our groceries budget did expand due to Son #2 coming home early from university and Son #1 being kicked out of his girlfriends parents basement where he was living with g/f since he is still working outside of the home and none of them are. 
    I am also trying to remain calm but realize that my husband may at some point not be working since they have announced province wide mandatory shutdown of non-essential businesses. His work is on the list of 78 categories essential businesses (manufacturing) but that list may be reduced going forward or his workplace may not be able to afford keeping staff on. They already decided to close one location and lay off several staff. So since the future is unclear we are doing a bit of money hoarding. We are still paying debt snowball amount but next budget meeting we may discuss scaling back to minimum payments. Not sure if we want to do minimum payments and stockpile money or whether to keep paying snowball knowing that we can access borrowed funds in case of emergency. 

  • Food is always the category I struggle with. I def have been out of budget buying food and wine from small businesses and keeping my groceries in reserve. Now that I'm home, I'm eating better and cooking more, but I've bought out at least three times with larger tips. I am also between jobs, from a hospital to a defense contractor, so I feel like my job situation is stable where others are not so lucky.

  • My job & income is stable luckily but I am just over the hurdle of a pay decrease so I am filling up my True Expenses. Luckily with budgeting I was able to avoid using my Emergency Fund, but I was extremely frugal. Everybody is going to have to learn to do the same unfortunately & learn to budget. I was thinking about life once I come out of quarantine, looking like May. I will start putting money into my Personal Care category for May so I can get my hair done, mani/pedi, maybe a facial. Money into activities/dining out for sure. So I will support those businesses then. Might order takeout from a local Italian vs a chain, but I am wary of takeout being safe - contamination of food or cardboard. We've been so careful & not going out, I don't want to bring the virus to my house just for the sake of supporting a business. Same goes with purchases made. Disinfect items or let them sit for 48 hours in your garage. All that online shipping of goods is worrying too. 

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  • I have started using Grubhub and UberEats for the first time and I have been tipping the drivers more than usual due to the pandemic and my appreciation for them doing this job for me and others. So my eating out bills are higher than usual but gas is way down. 🙂

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    • Superbone Transportation and Fun Money are my current go-tos to pull from since those options are currently limited. I still budgeted the same amounts, but I think I may direct some of those funds to a Dining Out exception.

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  • For helping out small businesses, add a category for Generosity (separate from Charity or Gifts), and consider funding it like any other priority.  Bravo!

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  • I've been buying necessities - like soap, meat, eggs, and fresh produce - from local producers and I donated a considerable amount to the food bank as there are many people who rely on it in my community.

    Aside from that, I'm keeping money close. I need to build up savings and job hunt. There is some guilt that I can't do more, and I chalk it up to my lack of financial preparedenss for emergency situations. 

    Do what you can but not to your detriment, is what I generally follow. 

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  • Tomato Griffin said:
    trying to help out and not really focusing on their budget right now

    We've adjusted our budget so that we are spending more with small businesses while staying focused on our budget. Our priorities have shifted so the budget has as well.

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