Overspending management

I created different key categories which I then created an amount assigned for a monthly savings builders.


Example if I assigned 100$ per month on a category “Improvement Electro, Furniture Replacement” regardless of the fact I shouldn’t have overspend in that category. After two months I had 200$ but my old self decide to purchase something that was 400$ so is there a way to plan a payback in that category for the next two month of 100$ instead of just having another 100$ to spend? Once I paid the amount in full which was 400$ everything was ok but I don’t like the fact I still need to give 100$ to this category.


Thank you,

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  • It's unclear to me whether you are asking about addressing an overspending alert or an underfunded goal alert.  Can you please clarify?

  • It sounds like you had 200$ available in the “Improvement Electro, Furniture Replacement” category, and spent 400$. Right now, you should see a negative, red 200$ in that category. Regardless of the target you've set in this category, you should cover that 200$ in overspending as soon as possible. There's no paying back categories or floating overspending in YNAB. In order to trust your budget, every dollar needs a job—no more no less—so you'll need to move money from other categories to cover the overspending now. If you don't cover it this month, the amount will be deducted from Ready to Assign when the month rolls over.

    With a Monthly Savings Builder Target, YNAB will prompt you to contribute the same amount every month no matter what. It's up to you if you do. You could assign an additional 100$ this month to meet the target or you could skip contributing for a bit! 

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