Joint Bank Account Recommendation?

Hello Fellow Wine-Hamburgers!

I recently got married and we added my husband's various accounts to my YNAB. One problem -- now we feel like we have WAY too many accounts which makes YNAB more of a task than it's intended to be, and the accounts quite frankly, are not benefiting us in any way interest-wise.  


All that being said, we would love to hear from you all! Do you have a checking/savings account at a bank you LOVE? We would like to consolidate our money into 1-2 places rather than - uhm...10. There, I said it. Help!



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    Ally or Capital One are good choices.

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  • Congratulations to you two! I don't have recommendations but wanted to explain where my accounts are if it helps you decide what to open eventually.

    After 15 years of marriage, my spouse and I have simplified YNAB to six accounts at three banks. I have chosen not to track our retirement and investment accounts in YNAB, which would be another six accounts at three more institutions. 

    At Ally, for their great customer service: day-to-day Checking (balance around 1/4 of our monthly income) and Savings (balance of two months' income).

    At a local credit union, that comes with perks from my employer: longer-term Savings (approximately equal to larger sinking funds in YNAB) and HELOC (never been used).

    At a national bank: two credit cards, one in each of our names. Individual cards mean we always know who made the transaction.

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