I transferred money from my savings to my checking account to pay off a credit card, and the bank has processed it. 

I added the transaction in YNAB, and the transfer shows it going out from savings to checking, but the money is not in the To Be Budgeted category so I can't actually put the money into the credit card category. 


Any ideas?  Do I need to wait for YNAB to do the bank transfer thing?

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  • If the checking and savings accounts are both on budget accounts, the transfer from savings to checking has zero impact on the budget screen - it is the equivalent of moving money from your left pocket to your right pocket because the money in your savings account is already budgeted to your categories.

    Is the credit card an on budget account? And are you making budgeted purchases on it? If so, then at least the amount of the budgeted charges should be in the Available column of the Credit Card Payment category. Any unbudgeted charges (and this includes the balance that was on the card when you added it to YNAB) requires you to actively budget for - either by budgeting to the credit card payment category (typically the case for starting balances) or to any over spent category in the month that the unbudgeted purchase occurs.

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  • DOH!  Thank you.   Having a senior moment here.

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