I am confused by credit card payment

Hello everyone,

I am still new to this. I have a credit card that I am paying 40.94. I recently just had a payment post from my checking account to the credit card for the full 40.94, but I am confused as to why YNAB shows that I haven’t paid 24.99. Unless I am confused between Budgeted and payment column. I don’t know how to describe this but hopefully someone can explain!

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  • I apologize it shows that I still have 24.99 left on the payment even though I paid in full

  • The green bubble in the available column indicates how much money you have set aside in YNAB for payments to the credit card. My number one tip is to keep an eye on the number in the available column and see that it is always equal to the balance of the credit card. This means I have enough money set aside in YNAB to pay the credit card in full.

    As soon as they do not match, I have some thing to look into. It might be a refund or cashback event or it might be a missing transaction or it might be I have not budgeted enough into a category in which i made a credit card purchase. In any case, I always make sure the numbers match (although obviously one is negative and one is positive)

    If your credit card balance is now $0 after making that payment you actually can give those $24.99 a different job. To do this you would budget -$24.99 against the credit card and this will put the money back into your To Be Budgeted value, ready for reallocation wherever you like. 

    • SgtBatten so you are correct. The iOS app doesn’t show the full picture. I had a transaction for $24.99 (I slipped up because I am trying to debt snowball), so YNAB had the +$24.99 minus -$40.94 which brought the total activity to -$15.95, so I am short $24.99 of my full credit card payment. I just submitted a payment of $24.99 to my credit card which should zero out the available amount.

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      Cadet Blue Mill So, this can be confusing. You want your credit card account balance (on the left panel) to match the payment available balance (the green bubble). If you make a payment based on your statement balance, you may still have a balance available for transactions that will be on the next statement balance. As long as the two balances match, then in theory you can pay it down in full at any time but most keep the money for future statements so that they can earn some interest. 

      CC balance $65.93

      Statement Balance $40.94 - you pay this amount

      Remaining balance $24.99 - if you were to check your CC online do a reconciliation this amount should be still outstanding. It will show up on your next statement balance. No need to pay right now.

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