Checking & credit card recommendations?

We're considering moving our checking accounts & credit cards away from BoA, and I was wondering what others recommend? Here are our current top contenders and why:

Checking Account: Charles Schwab

  • full ATM reimbursement
  • good mobile app
  • good customer service
  • no minimums
  • interest rate is so-so but we're not expecting a high interest rate on a checking account

Credit Card: Citi Double Cash

  • 2% cash back on everything (we'd still keep our Amazon Visa for the 5% back on Amazon/WF)
  • Allows joint account ownership so my wife and I can build credit (Amazon Visa does not - only authorized users)
  • Easy automatic payments (seems trivial but our BoA cards don't make this easy)

Thanks for your input!

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  • Both great choices! I have both. 😄I switched to the Schwab checking account a couple years ago and I've had 0 issues. The ATM fee reimbursement is fantastic. The Double Cash is my go to CC. I also have a Chase Amazon CC that I use exclusively for Amazon purchases.

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    • Superbone Hahaha that's awesome! Great minds think alike 😄 Encouraging to hear that this exact approach has been working for you!

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  • Did you check your local cu for checking? A lot of them are pretty antiquated for things like apple pay and other tech but I found one that isn't. They pay 4-6% on the first few hundred each month. They have agreements with ATMs around the country though I rarely use them anyway.

    If you do use apple pay and apple apps/products the apple card is 2-3% cashback.

    Sounds like you aren't but don't drop any cc. I have friends who are FIRE with like 35 cards which they use for travel points. They never carry a balance but never cancel any of them.

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    • Black cat I've explored some local credit union options, and do like the idea of banking locally where possible, but the ones I've found have really bad mobile apps, and being able to easily cash checks with our phones has been an important convenience. I will give it another gander though.

      I have heard the advice before of not dropping any credit cards, and I'm glad you mentioned it because I might have otherwise just dropped it. Can you remind me of the rationale behind hanging onto old cards? We don't intend to use our BoA cards anymore because of the lack of easy autopay, and it's a hassle to have to go in and pay the bills manually every month.

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      Silver Guitar closing and opening cards reduces the average life of accounts. It may or may not be a factor for you but I learned the hard way when I was younger. Took me a while to recover. 
      I went through the checking account research twice and the first time I gave up on cu’s because they are so far behind on tech. A couple weren’t even set up for wireless payments which didn’t even seem like something I needed to check. The one I have now has everything I want. I agree that they can be bad. 

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  • Capital One 360 for banking (great online bank, no fees, no minimum balance, excellent CS, lots of free ATMs, awesome mobile app). citi double-cash for cc

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  • Both of these are very popular accounts among seasoned YNABers. 

    And I hear you on BoA and automated payments. I finally got both mine set up with them but it took a few phone calls. 

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