Negative TBB

I'm at a complete loss.... Today YNAB is showing negative $52.55 in TBB for June. I don't remember seeing this the other day.  No problem, I assume I screwed something up and overspent cash. No obvious cause in transactions or Recent Moves. I move money into TBB in June to bring balance to $0 yet in May it shows I have $52.55 in TBB. If I move it out of TBB in May then June is back to negative. What is going on???


Edit: Figured it out, a category I had hidden was in the negative. I paid off my truck this week!!!!!! The final total was more than I had budgeted.

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  • Glad you figured it out, Tomato Piranha ! Whenever you see To be Budgeted jumping back and forth like that between months, it's always caused by overspending somewhere in the current month.

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