Credit card credits not going to TBB

I just cashed in $50 in credit card rewards.  I wanted them to go to TBB so that they get recorded as income, then I'd put them to my Roth category (yay).  But it doesn't show up in TBB.  I really don't think I'm on the credit card float.  My payment line is higher than my credit card balance (IRL or on YNAB - I'm reconciled).  Help?  

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  • Gray Zebra said:
    My payment line is higher than my credit card balance

    Move the excess in the Payment category to TBB (or directly to the Roth category). Technically, the credit isn't cash (so doesn't show up in the budget), but now you don't have to pay them as much cash as you were originally planning.

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    If you categorized the cash back as Inflow: TBB, then it was recorded as income. You can verify that by looking at your income/expense report. For whatever reason, YNAB doesn't move money categorized as TBB out of the credit card payment category (I think unless the inflow sends your CC balance positive?) the way it reverses allocations made from regular spending categories. 

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