For Needed for Spending goal, available this month = last months left over amount + goal amount

I'm really confused. I have a category with a Needed For Spending monthly goal of $1000. At the end of last month I had $204 left over in the category and now I see I have $1204 available for this month after I clicked the Underfunded link yesterday, the first of the month.

However, states "When using Weekly or Monthly goals, if you don't spend all your budgeted funds in the current month, the remaining amount will contribute to the next month's goal(s) when the month rolls over." So why didn't YNAB budget $796 instead so that my available amount at the beginning of the month would be $1000?

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  • You sure you clicked the Underfunded button on September 1 and not in August? Because the behavior you describe is what would happen if August had not yet ended.

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  • I'm also not sure whether timezones figure into it or not. (Your computer vs YNAB servers.)

    • dakinemaui It's based on the time/date settings of the computer or phone.

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  • Hey byem ! If you select the category, and use the Goal Target Quick Budget option—the extra will go back to To be Budgeted. It sounds like the month hadn't rolled over yet, as nolesrule mentioned.

    Do all the devices you access YNAB with have the same time/date settings?

  • Thanks all for the feedback. I'm pretty certain I was viewing the September budget before I did the quick budget as I moved the money from my income to save for next month category to TBB and the TBB was just above the underfunded amount as I expected. If I was still in August's budget the underfunded would have been a lot smaller I think.

    Also, my system computer time is set to automatically synchronize with the internet so I'm pretty sure it was the right time.

    I guess for the rollover to next month I'll set up some goals in my "Explore YNAB" budget and try that first to make sure the quick budget works as expected before I apply the quick budget to my working budget.

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