Anyone doing receipt scanning?

Hello, I am on a trial and YNAB is my preferred way to go by far. However photographing receipts and being able to assign them to a payee is very important for me - helps me to keep track of medical expenses, warranties etc.

For my business I have one integrated program where I enter expenses and receipts and it makes my life very easy. I am ambivalent about using YNAB and having to do everything twice - enter transactions in YNAB and also track receipts in another program.

Has anyone else developed a streamlined solution for this you are happy with?

Thank You

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  • In my store when I buy food and other daily stuff they scan every receipt online on your online profile.

    Of course I do not buy all/all is not available for sale with them.

    Generally my previous app, I was on trial, it was called Toshl Pro did have this receipt scan and add. I found out I didn't really look on them that much. Warranty I always keep myself and scan as picture.

    I canceled them on trial for YNAB as I think YNAB is much easier to budget.

    On previous app I was afraid overspending, as their bot reminded... you better stay on track next time...

    YNAB just gives solutions when you over spend.

    You may also keep receipts scanned in Google drive or locally at home.

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  • Yes, I've been using this app called Simplywise and it works great - I take a photo of a receipt, then it digitizes it... and then you can export the data into a spreadsheet and upload it into YNAB.

    It also gives reminders around warranty deadlines and return dates too, which I've found to be pretty helpful. I've been recommending it to my friends who use YNAB too. 

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