Last Month's To Be Budgeted Amount Not Carried Over?

I am having an issue when trying to allocate excess funds (truly, they were missed budgeted. I didn't make the extra payments on a loan I thought I did) from last month to this month's budget.

In the images above, I have 60.16$ to be budgeted in August. Simultaneously, I have 0$ to be budgeted in SeptemberWhere did that 60.16$ go? If I try to apply that 60.16$ to some budget this month I get -60.16$ in September in to be budgeted. 

Can someone help me understand what's happening?

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  • You are overspent in August in cash by $60.16.

    • WordTenor Then why does it show up as green as if I have 60.16$ in August to budget? I suppose that is where my confusion lies. 

    • Devyn Elliot When you have cash (red) overspending, it's deducted from the following month's To be Budgeted. Double check your hidden categories too, if you don't see the overspent category. Let us know how it goes!

    • Nicole I checked all categories in August, nothing was overbudget. Only grays and greens. This was a fresh start budget starting August as well, so there would be nothing in prior months to account for it. So I am still not sure what this floating 60$ is, how to rectify it if I even need to, etc. 

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      Devyn Elliot It's not so much that you have overspent but that you have already budgeted the $60 in Sep. So when you budget it in August you are using it twice and this is reflected in the September budget going red.

      Budget it in august and unbudget it from any category in September to make it look pretty again.

  • Have you reconciled your accounts and needed to make a reconciliation adjustment??

    • satcook I think that maybe it. I end up reconciling accounts perhaps a bit too often 😅 I think I got everything to equal out 

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