Connecting accounts to goals

I may have missed it in the instructions, I've so far only skimmed.  But is there a way to set specific account balances to certain expenses?  

For instance I have one account that I use only for my vehicle, every month I add money to it, and anything relating to my vehicle comes out of it.  Is there a way to specify that balance as my transportation fund? 

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  • No there isn't. In YNAB accounts and budget categories are two different things: Accounts are where your money is, categories are what your money does. YNAB doesn't care where the money is as long as you have it.

    Before starting to budget using YNAB many have this kind of account solutions to earmark X amount of money to specific use but in YNAB categories are the ones that are supposed to do that work. The idea is that when you are making spending decisions you look at your YNAB, not at any of your account balances. In this system you could basically have just one account for all your money because when you are following your YNAB budget when spending, you are not spending any money you need for some other use down the line.  (Many people using YNAB - me included - do have at least two so they can set some of their money to a higher interest savings account, but not to earmark money to a specific use.)

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  • Manually synchronizing a budget account to categories like that is actually more work. When category and account are the same, one is redundant. And it's likely just a matter of time until they are not the same, meaning one is misleading.

    I suggest you take the easier path:

    If you really can't get past that need, take that account out of the budget, and record funds as "spent" at the point of the transfer.

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  • Simplify your life and reduce you bank accounts to one or two only. Use ynab and trust the numbers

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