Isn't budgeting for credit card double budgeting?

I'm a little confused about budgeting for the credit card category.

Example: I budget $100 for clothes in a clothes category.  I made the purchase with my credit card, the account balance now shows $-100.  Then I budget $100 on the credit card category line to be able to pay that Bill at the end of the month.

Havn't I essentially double budgeted?  as in, set aside $200 for that clothes when I should have only set aside $100?

And if so, is the fix just to not put any budgeted money in the credit card category?

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    When you make a credit card purchase from a funded category, YNAB will automatically move the money from the purchase category to the credit card payment category for you, so no, you don't also have to directly budget to the CC category for that purchase. 

    You need to budget directly to the CC category 1) when you first add the card, for the balance on the card before any budgeted purchases happen; and/or 2) to pay off pre-existing debt on the card over time; and/or 3) if you make a purchase from a category without enough funds in it and don't cover the overspending before the end of the current month. 

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