Saving for Childcare During a Pandemic?

Hi all, curious what people who normally pay for childcare are doing right now with that money, given that we are in a pandemic.  I am deciding whether or not to continue putting aside what I WOULD be paying for childcare if there was no pandemic (and I wasn't working from home and able to care for my son myself).  The other option is to put that money towards other categories and pad some of my true expenses a bit more?  I guess at the end of the day it doesn't truly matter, as it will be saved in my account irregardless, but wondering if others are in the same boat.  

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  • Since I work from home, we weren't paying for child care even before the pandemic. However, we were setting aside money for all the fun things we'd do over the summer - that have since been canceled. 😓 All of those funds are being split between saving for an Amazing make-up summer next year and parenting expenses (so, true expenses, but the kid-related ones). At some point, I think the make-up funds will be further split - there's only so much money that can reasonably be saved for trips to the zoo. 😅

  • Thank you, that's helpful!

  • While I do not have kids myself both family members and friends mentioned those funds were going into emergency savings. One of them was put on furlough in the beginning but the rest were still working. With so much financial uncertainty it made sense. There was an acquaintance who actually wanted to invest it in cryptocurrency for the kid but his partner was against it 

  • I'm the director of a childcare in Kansas.  We are full with a waiting list so not everyone is able to avoid childcare!

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