Credit Card payment from outside source

I know this has been discussed before but just want to confirm as I am new to budgeting.

I started ynab with $0 creditcard balance.  so any purchases I make on the card are already budgeted.

I have the money to pay the statement in my checking account and ynab shows my credit card available amount in green.

Now I get a deposit into my credit card for $x.  this came from an outside source not my checking account.  I assume that would be similar to credit card cash back.  Or let's assume my grandma gives me an allowance and pays it straight to my credit card company.

So I do a new CC transaction with payee "credit card from grandma" with category of To Be budgeted and an inflow amount of $x.

This changes my creditcard amount owed but does NOT add the money to to be budgeted and it leaves the available amount to be paid the same as well.


Can I now just move $x from "available to pay credit card" to the "to be budgeted" category and then budget those new funds?


Do I have this right in my head?

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  • Yep, all correct.

    In my view, the category "Inflow: To Be Budgeted" should really be called "Debt Management" in a credit account. That's certainly how it acts. If you think it's confusing to categorize something as TBB... which doesn't actually show up in TBB... you might make a feature request so they know how you feel.

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  • Thanks!

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