Australian Bank Auto-Import Update?


A year ago you said:

"Right now, we're in an investigative state. We have an entire team looking into how we can better support direct import - both nationally and internationally - but they need time to decide on a clear course and even more time to implement it. We know this is important and we want to take the necessary time to get it right, especially considering our last two additions for direct import didn't go as we had hoped."

How is the entire team going getting this working?  Is YNAB proceeding with international bank connections as alluded to in the original comment?

Can we please get an update?  I cannot believe it is this hard to do, as your competitors already have a handle on.

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  • Hello, Gold Major !

    We're materially closer to this than we were a year ago, but don't have anything to announce yet. Bank imports are hard—by far the hardest problem we deal with on a day-to-day basis, and the last thing we want to do is roll out an international Direct Import that doesn't work well.

    I know this is a key feature for you and many YNABers and potential YNABers, and you've been more than patient. As with any not-yet-shipped feature, though, my advice is to judge the product based on what it offers today. If YNAB without Direct Import isn't going to work for you, we don't want to string you along based on a forthcoming feature with no release date. You're always welcome to come back for a free trial when international Direct Import becomes a reality, and see how we did!

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    • Matthew That would be fair, if a number of other companies hadn't already figured this out (Personal Capital, for one, has this licked, as well as real time imports from 401(k)s, not the YNAB 401(k) once-and-done).  Why not try to understand their approach and (respecting their IP) work along those lines, instead of reinventing the wheel

    • WhoMovedMyCheese We've partnered with industry leaders to try to make this less of a pain point, but certain companies don't allow the back end of their importing systems to be shared with or accessed by outside sources. For instance, Mint is owned by Intuit and only provides aggregation services for their own products.

      We know it's been frustrating, but we're working towards a future where direct import is a more enjoyable experience for all who choose to use it.

  • Have you tried banksync for YNAB?

    It’s a third party service that syncs major Australian and New Zealand banks to YNAB. 

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