Suggestions for Receipt Storage on a Mac (hopefully an alternative to Neat Cloud)

Hi, I used to use the Neat Receipts scanner and desktop software, which I loved.  I had a digital file cabinet of all my expense receipts and reports on my Mac.  Then Neat moved over to a cloud based only system.  It's not as good as the original, and its very expensive.  I just paid a discounted price of $200 per year to store a few receipts.  Does anyone know of an alternative to Neat where I can indefinitely store my receipts and tax returns safely, and have it be more user friendly?  

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  • I don't have a personal recommendation for this, but wanted to comment and bump this post, in case any other community members do! 

  • My entire life is stored in DevonThink.  If you have a Mac it's what you need.  Cloud only for syncing to mobile if desired.  Everything is copied into a secure database, even with AI filing.  Extremely powerful and reliable software.  

    $200 per year is INSANE, btw.  Those scanners are selling an overpriced service, not equipment.  If it works well, keep it.  But a Fujitsu Snapscan will be your friend for life.

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