Automate populating MEMO field with *part* of Payee field?

Is there a method for automatically populating the MEMO field with some portion of the PAYEE field, other than "swapping fields" during import?

My use case: I have a handful of transactions from vendors like Amazon, Paypal, and Bandcamp (among others) which list Payees in a format like:


AMZN Mktp US*<identifier>*<identifier>

BANDCAMP <identifier>

I know that I can manage these to consolidate/rename them via Manage Payees, and I know I can swap PAYEE and MEMO field upon import of my data.

But I'd love to place the unique <identifier> segment into the MEMO field upon import (or through some bulk edit process). Long-term, I'd ideally have time to audit these and add a human-input memo about the item I purchased or whatever. But immediately, my options are to either create a pattern to rename these types of transactions and immediately lose the unique identifier, or leave it alone, and Payees end up becoming messy and I have to manually reconcile things.

Is there any bulk edit option, or ability to specify a pattern/regex, to move some part of the PAYEE into the MEMO field, while leaving the PAYEE field unmodifier (and/or doing this *before* applying the "rename" pattern rules specified in Manage Payees?)

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  • Hi Coral Projector !

    There currently isn't an option to automate memo entries or bulk edit memos. You can submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know you'd like to see that option brought to YNAB, but it currently isn't on our short term roadmap. 

  • Have you considered immediately entering the transaction (manually) with the desired memo about what you bought?

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