"Qpc Cancel" Refund?

I made a purchase the other day at B&H Photo, and the charge went through and I got the product. In YNAB though, there is what appears to be a refund transaction on that same day, for the same amount, and the payee is "Qpc Cancel B&H Photo".

I hadn't cancelled the order, and there is no such transaction when I look on my actual credit card's website, nor any temporary transactions. The original payment transaction is cleared. 

Any idea what could cause this 'refund' transaction to appear?

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  • Add another with the same problem

    • Hi Gray Sidewinder !

      If you haven't already please report a Bank Importing Issue. That way our team can take a closer look at your accounts to make sure you're seeing the same issue and get it addressed! :)

  • Same problem for me, as well. Starting July 18, 2020 I am now seeing a number of transactions for my Citi credit card with the text "Qpc Cancel" or similar. These transactions appear to match valid transactions, except the amounts are negative.

    As requested, I have reported the issue here: https://youneedabudget.typeform.com/to/pI0042.

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  • I just submitted a ticket for the same issue. Odd but know YNAB will help. :)

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  • I have a Citi mastercard and have never seen this. It must be another Plaid issue since I'm on MX.

    • Superbone A little late to this one! 😉 Wanted to clarify that it's based on how a financial institution handles changes to the metadata, and not specific to a particular provider.

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  • Happening to my Citi Visa! Thanks YNAB for looking in to it.

  • Just curious, has this been solved for anyone yet?  It's been happening on 3 Citibank accounts for me a good deal over the past month.  I did report a Bank Importing Issue.  I'll follow up and post here if there is any resolution.

  • Same issue. Just submitted ticket. Thanks!

    • Tan Song Amy Adams This can appear when a financial institution makes changes to the metadata (unique identifying data stored behind the scenes) of a transaction.

      Our support team can help get it sorted out, and recommend the best course for your connection! Thank you for submitting the Bank Issue form. 😄

  • I'm having this same issue with my Citi credit card and it's driving me nuts! Suddenly I'll get a bunch of phantom credits. This has been happening for at least a couple months and clearly isn't an isolated incident. Please fix this!

    • Hi Blue Mill !

      To get this ironed out, our Direct Import Team will need to take a look at your accounts. Please report a Bank Importing Issue so they can get things up and running for you! :)

  • Same issue for me. They seem to come in waves. Some have QPT Cancel... some have QPT Cancel k.w.t. Citi Credit Card. Reported issue in link above. Very annoying.

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  • Same issue with CITI. Really slows down our ability to do our monthly budget. 

    • Hi Alice Blue Android !

      If you haven't already, please use this form to report a Bank Importing Issue. That way our Direct Import Team can take a look and help get things smoothed out! :)

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