"Qpc Cancel" Refund?

I made a purchase the other day at B&H Photo, and the charge went through and I got the product. In YNAB though, there is what appears to be a refund transaction on that same day, for the same amount, and the payee is "Qpc Cancel B&H Photo".

I hadn't cancelled the order, and there is no such transaction when I look on my actual credit card's website, nor any temporary transactions. The original payment transaction is cleared. 

Any idea what could cause this 'refund' transaction to appear?

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  • Hi Gold Mixer !

    Occasionally, direct import can do some odd things. When you have a moment, can you use this form to report a Bank Importing Issue? Our Direct Import Team can take a closer look at why those reverse transactions are importing.

    • I also submitted a ticket for this issue this morning - it appeared that two large deposits had been reversed, which was scary, but I think it's just a glitch.

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      • Gold Mixer
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      Faness Ok, I've submitted a report as you suggested. Looks like some other people on here have had the same issue, so it must be a bug.

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    • Gold Mixer Slate Blue Moose

      Thank you for submitting those reports! There are a lot of moving parts with direct import, so the best way to investigate is to have our Direct Import Team take a look at your accounts. It looks like a number of YNABers are seeing this issue, but they'll be able to pinpoint which financial institutions are affected and report this to our import partner for a fix! :)

  • Same thing happened to me. I followed the report banking issue instructions

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  • Came here to say the same thing happened to me this morning! I’ll submit a ticket.

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  • Is the transaction actually imported as a refund? 

  • Same with me on three transactions. Citi Credit Card on May 17thand 18th.

    • Hi Gray Robot !

      If you haven't already, please report a Bank Importing Issue. That way our Direct Import Team can take a closer look at your accounts. I see another YNABer on this thread also mentioned this is happening in their Citi account, so it may be an issue with how Citi is reporting transactions to our import partner.

  • My payroll direct deposit from last week just imported again, reversed into a "QPC Cancel" debit.  (After still being stuck doing the "authorize twice to import once" dance, only to have it go immediately back to "Reauthorize" afterward.)

    Oh, and now the "Reauthorize" window pops up on its own seemingly at random.

    Boy, this Plaid integration is just getting better all the time!

    • Aquamarine Cartridge Sorry for all the trouble! If you haven't already, please report a Bank Importing Issue. With all of the dancing you've had to do, our Direct Import Team may have a better dance partner available for you (or at least know how to turn the channel to a better tune). :)

  • I had this issue on two transactions with a citi card as well today.

  • We have seen the same issue on 3 transactions between May 9 -13 that generated a double transaction and then a Qpc Cancel transaction.

    Everything balances out, however checking it against the credit card invoice shows no such double/cancel transaction, (just the original transaction).

    Tried to submit a ticket, but we couldn't really find a option that made sense for this bug.

    • Hi Cyan Ink !

      Did you try this link to report a Bank Importing Issue? If you select that you're having a direct import issue (which includes any issues with transactions), you can continue through the form and select Other when asked what the issue is (then type in details).

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