New column called "Remaining"

This is a feature request for adding another column called "Remaining" along with "Assigned", "Activity" and "Available".

"Remaining" shows difference between "Assigned" and "Activity".

"Available" would be remaining plus leftover from previous month.

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  • Why? What's the benefit?

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  • Hey Steel Blue Router ! It sounds like you'd like a way to ignore amounts that have rolled over from a previous month. I'd love to know how you find that useful in your budget!

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  • I've always understood Available to be Leftover + Assigned - Activity. Can you explain a little more about why want to see leftovers separately?

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  • I like it. 

    I think it would be beneficial to see how you're tracking for THAT month to keep you on your normal pace.  If it rolls it all into one lump, you might spend more than you usually would simply because you don't realized the rollover is factored in.  

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      KCRoyalBlue If you are trying to stay on pace, you wouldn't put more than you need in the category in the current month.

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