Have I Reconciled Properly?

I am new to YNAB.  I need help determining if I need to do more to reconcile my account. I do not import transactions. I enter manually.  I reconciled today while looking at my credit card statement and I made sure that all other transactions on my credit card have been entered into YNAB. 

My balance in my credit card account is $328.28.  So, when I look at the reconciled account button, and am presented with the question "Is your account balance $0.00?" I think I have done something wrong - like maybe turned the (c) on each transaction from gray to green.  

In the future, I will try to enter all spending on my phone as soon as it happens. 


Thanks for the help.

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  • No you have not reconciled correctly. You need to click no, tell YNAB your correct credit card balance and then follow what they tell you to do. 

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  • See how cleared balance says zero? You need to mark your transactions as cleared if they are on your actual account. Then the cleared balance should equal the balance on your account. Then you can reconcile.

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      Which all means turn the little C icons green if the transaction has cleared your account.

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  • Hi Slate Blue Packet ! Welcome to You Need A Budget!

    If your accounts in YNAB aren’t matching the bank (account balance and transactions), then you can’t trust your budget.

    To get this fixed, use the reconcile feature in the web app (on your computer). You could open a separate browser window for the YNAB account and your online statement to more quickly check them back and forth.

    You have total control of the balance—look for the following in your register, fix any discrepancies, and you’ll be back on track:

    - Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them

    - Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported

    - Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)

    - Duplicate transactions

    - An incorrect starting balance

    The more often you reconcile, the easier it’ll get. Once you’re in the habit, you’ll knock it out in a few minutes (or less!).

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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