I can't get into my budget.

I am able to get into all other areas of YNAB. But when I try to login, I get the Y tree and a waiting to load message. I've exited and re-entered but nothing. Any advice? Thanks!

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    I'm not personally having any trouble at the moment. Maybe try to close and re-open your browser? Restart your computer?

  • Hi Reilly !

    Loading issues can be tricky, but we have some suggestions that will hopefully help (crossing fingers…)!

    There are a few very specific known scenarios that can prevent YNAB from loading on your computer. Here's a roundup of those various scenarios, and also steps to suggest for overcoming this hurdle.

    • Scenario #1: Anti-virus Program interference
      • The issue could be related to an anti-virus program (Avast is one we see it with, specifically). If you’re comfortable doing so, try temporarily disabling any anti-virus programs you may have (or put http://app.youneedabudget.com on the safe list) and see if that lets the page load.
    • Scenario #2: You may need to restart your router.
      • Some users have been able to fix this issue by restarting their router. A quick google search of your router model should tell you the best way to do this.
    • Scenario #3: Workplace networks
      • We’ve learned that loading issues on work computers are often related to our use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to host many of our assets. CDNs are shared amongst many others – some of whom may have been flagged for one reason or another. Firewalls at work can be extra sensitive to this and prevent YNAB from loading. We might switch CDNs some day, but even if we do, the chance of us happening to use an IP address that has never been mis-used at some point is quite low. You might reach out to whoever handles IT to see if they can confirm if this is the culprit. There isn't a simple fix other than disabling that particular feature of your security software, which typically isn't an option at work.
    • Scenario #4: You're in Australia and your ISP is throttling YNAB
      • We’ve seen this issue happen to a few users in Australia where the connection wasn’t making it out of their ISP because it was throttling certain websites and services. You can contact your Internet provider and ask to have your connection reset, which should resolve the issue.
      • The other option, if you're up for it, is to use a proxy to hide the connection.

    Other Scenarios: Here are a few other things you can check if YNAB Just. Won't. Load...

    Updates your router firmware
    Make sure you're ISP is using IPv4 (not IPv6)
    Disable any IP blockers installed on your computer.

    I really hope this helps get to the heart of what’s happening on your end! Let me know how it goes. :)

  • Thank you! I cleared cookies and I was able to get in.

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