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Hi there, i have just migrated from old YNAB to new one, i see there is a credit card category auto sort my credit card payment, there is a budgeted spending even after i reset the budget from my old data, it doesn't update, say i have reset budget zero on a category, however budgeted spending of the credit card of that month still exist

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  • Resetting the budget value to $0 means you don't add anything that month. Any money already in the category (carryover) would support budgeted spending.

    I'm not sure why you would want to eliminate budgeted spending, though.

  • Hey mechcalvin ! Welcome! Budgeted spending is a feature of the credit card handling. Here's a video showing the differences, that you might find helpful.

    Now in YNAB, we treat credit card purchases as debt—until the balance is paid. When you use your credit card to make a budgeted purchase, the money is moved from the spending category (groceries, for example) to the Credit Card Payment category. 

    You'll budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category to cover any outstanding debt on the card, or set a goal if you weren't planning to pay it to zero. The amount in the Payment column in the Credit Card Payment category is for your payment, so it should be green—or gray, if $0. If you pay in full, the balance owed should match the amount the in Payment column.

    This HelpDoc goes over a little more on what to expect when Migrating from YNAB 4. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

    • Nicole I understand the concept of budgeted spending, however the problem i encountered is i changed the budget to zero for all category for each months for the old records in new ynab after import, so there are no budgeted for all months, yet the budgeted spending in the credit card remain unchange, however for new added budget (which i started in Jan, 2020 in new ynab), the numbers work as intended.

    • mechcalvin There's zero budgeted towards every spending category in every month, correct? If you still can't find the culprit, we'd be more than happy to take a closer look for you!

      If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead. :)

    • Faness thanks! i have enabled it, please have a look for me.

    • mechcalvin Hello! I took a quick look and your budget and I've sent an email. The short answer, however, is that there's no need to make the kind of adjustments you're describing. You can fix everything that needs to be fixed in your budget in the current month.

      Since you'd like to have your past months cleared out, have you considered a Fresh Start? It will preserve all of your existing categories and accounts, but clear away all of your old budget months, transactions, and budgeted amounts.

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    • Matthew thanks for your time Matthew, I have replied your email and i replied for the new month that data is created after the import works as intended, however if you look at the months from last year, the credit card still show budgeted spending when there is no budget assigned, that's my question. i know it might not cause actual problem for now and forward future, i am just wondering why it didn't show correctly.

  • I want to change the budgeted for because i found out i had some old regular budgets were set incorrectly, they carried on for months wrongly. I thoght after i adjusted the budget, they wont assign to credit card budgeted spending but they stay, do i need to correct them from old ynab and reimport them again?

    • mechcalvin No, just correct the current month. Click on the Available amount of a category to move funds elsewhere. You can also use a negative budget entry.

      If the CC Payment category is higher than the account balance, just move some of it out.

    • dakinemaui as you can see, for Dec 2019, i have adjusted all budgeted to zero, so it suppose to have no budget settings, however it still show budgeted spending not equal to zero 

    • mechcalvin As I said, if there already was money in the category from last month, you can have budgeted spending even though Budgeted this month is $0.

      The budgeted value is how much you add or subtract. Budgeted spending depends on the Available (3rd) column.

    • mechcalvin Also again, you shouldn't try to force budgeted spending too $0. Just click on an Available value to move money between categories until you're happy with the distribution and To Be Budgeted is $0 and there are no red categories.

    • dakinemaui i am not forcing budgeted spending to $0, i understand the concept, i am just curious why it doesn't behave it should after i made adjustment for old records, i have removed all budgeted items in all category in all months in the record, in theory all months should have no budgeted spending.

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      mechcalvin Your screenshot indicates otherwise. Note the Budgeted In Dec header.

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    • dakinemaui 

      that's because i put an end on the Dec, 2019, move available budget from my fund category to cover all my negative categories in the past and start budgeting in Jan, 2020 as a fresh start

      as you can see Nov, Oct, Sept... back to Jan, 2014, they have all 0 budgeted yet budgeted spending still appear in credit card of each month. not sure it is bug or something

  • Thanks for the YNAB team effort the confusion is finally settled for me. the reason is any positive budget category that has credit card spending on it will be automatically classified as budgeted spending.

    say a category spending with $100 positive budget available has $15 dollar of credit card spending in it, that $15 dollar will be classified as "budgeted spending" even you didn't assign any budget of that category.

    if you want to clear that "budgeted spending" (for the sake of testing), you just not only need to put -$100 to make budget available zero, you need to budget -$115 to include that -$15 money spent on the credit card to make the "budgeted spending" completely gone, and that will leave a marking of "overspent credit card spending of $15" to remind you you have spent $15 by the credit card that has didn't plan

    again, thanks for the multiple emphasis what i try to achieve is not what ynab created to do, of course i am not going to do that but this help me understand what that specific item works as the new ynab handle credit card differently, thanks again for the effort.

    *mark as answered* 

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