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Hi All, 

I’ve searched everywhere and watched all the videos... credit cards are still tripping me up. I always pay my credit card...but things aren’t adding up  

When I began my budget, I put in the balance in the CC into my budget line. I’ve payed off the account with the payment transactions showing that it is a payment to the CC. As I’ve come into the third month, the Available balance column has added up, so my credit card account balance is way less than what it says as the Payment Balance (on the third column). 

On on top of it, I unfortunately started playing around the budgeted vs available line for the different months ... and can’t really get it back to what it was (too many things to undo). 

Can you all all provide me with guidance about what I can to do get this sorted back so my Payment column matches the Balance?

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  • The easiest way is to budget the different between the balance and payment bubble to the credit card payments line.

    So if you owe $5000 and the payment line says $4000, then you need to budget $1000 to the credit card payments line.

  • But if the payment bubble is more than the total due on the credit card then you can use the move money tool to move that money elsewhere in your budget.

  • Don't worry about past months.

    1. Delete any budget entry in the CC Payment category.

    2. Look at the Available and Account balances as positive numbers.

    3. Type this into the budget cell, substituting the values from #2: 

       Account - Available

  • Thank you all for the help.... let me make sure that I am doing this correctly.... :)


    CC Balance (that will be paid off later this week): -$1327.33

    Budgeted: $0

    Activity: $165.83

    Payment: $2640.38


    Per dakinemaui , I've subtracted 1327.33-2640.30=-1312.95

    When I put this in to my budgeted... my payment becomes $1327.33! 


    Thank you! I have NO clue why this is so hard for me to grasp.... 

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  • This also helped explain why I still had so much left in my TBB!

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      Forest Green Boa Glad we could help. 🙂  Next step -- take that TBB down to $0! 

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