Age of Money - Twenty-twenty!

Hey, in my variant of English it rhymes!

Starting up the AoM challenge for the new year!


1. Choose a day every month that you will post your AOM to the google spreadsheet (link below). 

Be consistent on the day that you have chosen to post your AOM. (Your metrics will not help you or provide you with useful data if you are not consistent.)

2. Post your AOM.

3. Comment below that you have updated the spreadsheet.

If you want, you may post a screenshot of your AOM. This will be fun and will help keep the thread alive. It's not required however.

4. Try to keep the thread on topic.

Changes to the Spreadsheet.

If you see any minor changes that ought to be made, go ahead and change it.


Cheating is posting a number that is not your actual AOM, or changing your number because your AOM increased the following day.

We are following the the honor/honour system. 

You do not need to cheat, but if you do, everyone will ask how you've become so awesome with money and then you'll have to live with yourself. It only hurts you.

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  • July
    AOM: 87
    DOB: 93

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  • I thought it had stabilized, but it went up a bunch this month? Not really sure why, as transactions are pretty stable.

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  • Down from 28 last month to 25. 🙄

    Figuring it had something to do with using up most of my "medical" category on my teenager's ER visit this month.

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  • End of month reporting time. So 196 days, up from 163 at the end of June.

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  • AOM at the end of June was 60. At end of July AOM is down to 38. Decided to go ahead and max out my ROTH for 2019 and filed at the deadline. Dropped my AOM but I'm okay with that!

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  • AOM for July 193, +14 since last month

    DOB 325

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  • AOM August 1st  - 14

    Down from AOM July 1st - 34

    Lowest: AOM Jan 1 - 2

    Highest: AOM July 1st - 34


    Selling my house has been a rollercoaster and my AOM reflects that. I had to spend a lot of money upfront and just recently have gotten ahead in my savings from the settlement. I hope now that I have 1 month+ ahead in my budget that my AOM will steadily grow from here on out to reach my yearly goal of 60.

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  • AOM up from 170 and DOB up from 184.

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  • The large transaction I was expecting (paying off a reno project) went through and AOM is now at 110. I have nothing else big planned for the rest of the year, so I'm curious to see what it will climb back up to.

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  • I think I'm doing well - AOM 100days; Buffering 64 days

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  • August:

    AOM: 110

    DOB: 91

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  • Wow! What an inspiring post! So glad I bumped into this. Y'all are flexing some serious AOM muscles! Just joined YNAB roughly 50 days ago. My AOM last month was 7days August is 20days, will update what it is by the end of the month. I owe this largely to funding some of my true expenses. I have a line for an emergency fund in my budget-so it reads like an expense, and keep an eye on it through my tracking account. How do I check DOB? 

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  • I found this challenge from one of the July Debt Bootcamp videos. I'm paying off a $4,800 credit card, and I do very much want to increase my AOM. 

    Since I'm in this debt paydown mode I'm obsessing on the CC available to pay. I sent in a payment Friday, though it wasn't due for another ten days. Then I sent in another payment on Monday (SMH). It just occurred to me that paying things early will keep my AOM lower - that's true right?  I went from 8 to 14 then back down to 9 days. I'd like to get above 30 ASAP and that's why I've joined this challenge!

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    • Sea Green Cornet  I just found the Toolkit and added the Days of Buffering. -4.1 days YIKES! I'm so glad that I have a plan :)

      • Moohouse
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      • Moohouse
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      Sea Green Cornet When paying down debt at an accelerated rate Age of Money or Days of Buffering shouldn't really be your priorities. Negative DoB is expected and equally a low AoM. The date of payment will not matter for AoM as you always spend your 'oldest money' first.

      Basically - keep enough money on hand not to revert into debt regularly and don't worry about either of these metrics until you are out of debt paydown mode. 🙂

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    • Moohouse I appreciate your response and find it very encouraging. 
      Around April this year I added my savings as tracking accounts, but it distracted me from the income/expenses balance. Then I deleted all that so I could focus. I still believe that’s the right decision for now. 
      my AOM and DOB are tools once my debt is paid off. Thanks

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  • I am behind in got in the way but I made sure to take my July Screenshot of my AOM  so I could post later... 

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  • 92 / 93 days...

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  • 21 days?  Heading in the wrong direction, but much less debt that a month ago.

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  • AOM 177  

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  • Sept 1 AOM - 44 (up from 15 Aug 1) 😄

    Some upcoming hospital and surgery bills may send it down again but hopefully I can still hit my goal of 60 by the end of the year.

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  • Finally added the YNAB toolkit for DoB.  229 up from 196 in July.

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      • Superbone
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      • Superbone
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      Woolloomooloo Whoa! Look at those Days of Buffering! And I thought I had a lot.

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  • I don't feel like I have this much money lying around. But I was also surprised to see over 2k in one of my savings accounts. So obviously what do I know🤷‍♀️

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  • AOM up from 205 and DOB up from 190.

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  • AOM for August 189 so -4 since July. My goal seems far off for now.

    DOB 335 so +10

    I have stopped funding my 'culture' and 'travel' categories as I don't go anywhere and haven't attended any cultural events in person since Covid came along. I did however attend an online music festival back in March - which was strange and nice enough but nowhere near the "real thing". I could probably get used to it and it's certainly way more convenient.

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  • Age of Money - 63

    My Goal when I started YNAB - 60.

    Time to call "YAY" but I am not giving up :) 

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  • In August I found this AOM challenge. I'm glad to share that my AOM increased from 8 to 18. My goal this year is 50 days. I'm confident that I'll be able to reach that, for several reasons:

    1. my spending is now finally below my income
    2. October is a 3 paycheck month
    3. I am measuring it/focused on it

    Thank you :)

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  • September 15th

    AOM: 107

    DOB: 80

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