Age of Money - Twenty-twenty!

Hey, in my variant of English it rhymes!

Starting up the AoM challenge for the new year!


1. Choose a day every month that you will post your AOM to the google spreadsheet (link below). 

Be consistent on the day that you have chosen to post your AOM. (Your metrics will not help you or provide you with useful data if you are not consistent.)

2. Post your AOM.

3. Comment below that you have updated the spreadsheet.

If you want, you may post a screenshot of your AOM. This will be fun and will help keep the thread alive. It's not required however.

4. Try to keep the thread on topic.

Changes to the Spreadsheet.

If you see any minor changes that ought to be made, go ahead and change it.


Cheating is posting a number that is not your actual AOM, or changing your number because your AOM increased the following day.

We are following the the honor/honour system. 

You do not need to cheat, but if you do, everyone will ask how you've become so awesome with money and then you'll have to live with yourself. It only hurts you.

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  • Hanging around the 90 mark. Was hoping to be at 120 these days...

    Well, the 112 DoB are encouraging at least.

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    • Astro_Geo Progress is progress, my friend!  Well done 馃挭

  • Entering December at 201. I think it'll rise a little further before the end of the year (depending on how much damage Christmas shopping does), but above 200 isn't bad. I'll be back next year to try for 365 again. :)

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  • December 2019 - AOM 2

    December 2020 - AOM 110 馃槃馃帀

    What a difference a year of budgeting makes. And it is not just that I have been tracking things with YNAB - I have not had this kind of 'buffer' in my accounts since... ever.

    It's a good feeling - can't wait to see what the difference between Dec 2020 and Dec 2021 will be!

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    • Peripherie Just jumping in here to say: OMG way to go! And to accomplish this in 2020? That is an even more impressive feat. 馃檶馃徎

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    • JG
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    • jgo
    • 1 yr ago
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    A bit late to the game, but I've added myself in!

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  • December:

    AOB: 77

    DOB: 74

    Hopefully life will settle back down and that will start climbing back up again now...

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  • I started this year with 0 and I end this year with 0. I refreshed my budget because things were getting to be a mess. So still no AOM has popped up. But I do know nov was 126. So that's not bad from 0-126.

    Until next year.

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  • Final check-in for 2020 -

    I started at AOM 2 in December 2019.

    One year later I am at AOM 123. 馃槃

    I wasn't even sure I would ever get to 30, let alone well past 100. I can't wait to see what will happen a year from now.

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  • End of 2020 numbers.

    AOM  177

    DOB  205

  • 2020 ended

    AoM 213 (+1 since November) - 37 short of my revised 250 goal. Not sure what I should aim for next year.

    DoB 334 (+12 since November)


    My investments from late March-December this year returned about $43,000 which will come in handy later.

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  • End of the year, 34 days.  Shooting for 60+ in 2021.

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  • I started the year with a Fresh Start, for my first year of retirement. Made pretty good progress for the year!

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  • Is there yet a new one of these for 2021? Not spotted it yet, but would love to take part if there is one set up.

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    • Wyvern I'd love one too!

  • Kinda glad there hasn't been a new AOM challenge... cause mine has been going down. :(


    Even with the 34 day reset challenge halting much of my spending, I have gone from 125 to 119. :P

    I think part of that is due to having my Jan 1st paycheck come early on Dec 23rd and then not getting paid again until Jan 15th.

    (But... thanks to the 34 day reset for helping me have some no spend days or else my normal spending habits might have made it go down a lot farther than 119.)

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      • Superbone
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      Peripherie Don't worry about small fluctuations. That's part of YNABing. If you're doing it right, it's not going to make a steady climb with no backtracking. Mine has a wild variance but over time, it continues to climb.

  • Who's ready to start 2021 with another AoM Challenge? I believe our creator of this challenge has left the forum, but I am gladly taking on the opportunity to create it for 2021. I have created the new AoM challenge on this new thread here:

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    • Brandon Thomas yay! Thank you Brandon!!

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