Managing Linked Credit Accounts

  • I have a YNAB unlinked checking account.
  • I have a YNAB linked line of credit with a $100 balance.
  • I want to pay $10/month to pay it down.
  • I want to set up a goal in a cateogory to pay it down.

How do I set this up in a sane way?  I tried making a category for it and a monthly goal, but if I do a "Payment To: xxxx" in my checking account it doesn't show up under the  category.  So then it just looks like I'm adding money to the category instead of it being applied to the transaction.

Anyone have tips on how to manage this?  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Linked or unlinked doesn't matter. I don't use stock credit card handling but I think you would just budget $10/month to the credit account payment category. I'd also think you could add a $10/month  goal to that payment category.

  • Yes, you can set a goal directly on the credit payments category. When you use the Payment To:, it should be deducted from the payments category.

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  • Ah yes, that's perfect! Thank you so much, that makes sense but for some reason I assumed I could not set goals on those categories.  Cheers!

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    • Hi Ivory Transistor ! Glad you were able to get that credit card goal set up.  If you have any other questions, let us know! 😀

      If someone stumbles across this thread in the future, I wanted to include a little more information. So it's easy to find!

      There are two goal options for your Credit Card Payment category:

      • Pay Off Balance by Date goals calculate a monthly amount to budget in order to pay off your credit card debt by a certain date. The amount will adjust if you are making slower or faster progress than your original plan!
      • Pay Specific Amount Each Month goals help you budget a certain amount toward your debt each month, without having a target payoff date in mind.

      With either option, our Help Docs will walk you through how to create a credit card goal!

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