Goal by date not working properly


I have a problem with my goal by date in the budget.

  I  set a goal  by date last january  for Nov 2019 of 1100$ which automatically set  in the budget  100$ per month.

But every 3 month I have to make a payment of 300$ . By making the payment, the goal become orange because it is undefund which not right because I use the money to pay that category.

The reason I use goal by date and not month by month is that  I want it to end by that date. by doing it month by month I can forget it.

 It would be nice if the goal amount auto adjust according to payment made in that category.


Do i use corretly the goal by month 

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    • nolesrule
    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
    • nolesrule
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    Goal by date will not do what you want given that you have to make quarterly payments.

    You should either just have a Monthly funding goal equal to 1/3 of your quarterly payment, or set (and reset) the Goal by Date based on 3-month periods.

    • nolesrule  I understand but it means I have to set the goal every 3 months. 

      It is not a lot of work  but still ! 

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    • Hi Slate Blue Vacuum !

      Nolesrule is correct. Currently, the only options here are to reset that goal every 3 months or to use the monthly option. You can submit any ideas for new goal options via the Feature Request form! :)

  • Th best way would be able to have scheduled transactions as automated date goals.

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