Re-import deleted transactions

Hi there,

I came across an annoying feature/bug combination it seems:

I imported a file with 41 transaction, YNAB (web) told me it imported 41.
However, there were only 36 transactions.

I deleted all of them to try again, now all of the transactions in the file are skipped and I cannot reimport.


This is a bug in my opinion, there needs to be an option to override this?


Thank you very much,

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  • After two years this really should be fixed - we should have some better options than

    1) Undo (if you haven't refreshed the page... seems highly likely you will have)
    2) Recreate a brand new account.... 

    Option 1 is a flip of the coin. Option 2 is a lot of work.

    Please just add a tickbox or something. Or provide some visibility of the previously imported records, which must be hidden but still exist, and allow users to edit those.

    The two options above - let's be honest - are quite limited. Allow people some better visibility. It's so easy to have some error occur when important, you delete the imports, you want to start again. Otherwise you wouldn't have people reporting this problem for 2 years.

  • This is extraordinarily frustrating. I will now have to delete and recreate an account with thousands of transactions, or enter hundreds of transactions by there no way this can be fixed?

  • I cancelled my subscription because of this and other issues

  • This is absolutely insane. I just did this as the connection to AMEX isn't working and I was told to manually import the missing transactions(reconcile) and then they would move my connection to a new provider. I have no idea why importing transactions would default to an inflow when importing into a credit card account. What user story has someone importing a large number of transactions into a non investment account being inflows. I could not hit back far enough so deleted and tried again and now I am stuck. If I have to take my time to hand enter 70 transactions or do some other work around why not just take half the time to import into another solution? This is very frustrating and the reasons given do not make sense. There are plenty of better UX ways to handle this which have been mentioned. All of this driven by the connection to my credit card company no longer working. 

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